The college of Arts includes 216 full- and part-time faculty members, 1,891 undergraduate students, and 312 doctoral and master students. Five departments and one individual teaching institute are included in College of Arts : Chinese (undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs), Foreign Languages and Literature (undergraduate and masters programs), History (undergraduate and masters programs), Philosophy (undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs), Japanese Language and Culture (undergraduate and masters programs), English Language Center, and International Graduate Program of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

(一)Traditional Humanities: Humanity, history and philosophy are traditional human subjects, aiming to investigate human arts and offer human education courses in order to cultivate students humanity manners.

(二)Foreign Languages: Foreign and Japanese Languages and Culture departments provide students with foreign language teaching resources, aim to help students develop their language abilities, enlarge their global aspects, and gain more control over their futures in an increasingly multilingual and interdependent world.

  The two mentioned fields not only offer students rich courses but also have their own characteristics. Our college internally aims to increase the interaction between faculties and different departments, externally encourages each department to enhance their service and held national or international academic conferences, as well as the interaction between other universities in order to become an ideal channel for academic scholars and the public to communicate.