Departments and English Language Center

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Department of Chinese

Department of Chinese emphasizes literature manners and writing practice, and expects students to apply what they have learned in class to their daily life. Course curriculum includes Classical Literature, Modern Literature, Taiwan Literature and so forth.

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, through the study of Western languages and literatures, aims to help students discover more about themselves and the world. In addition, the students are expected to express themselves and their cultures, as well as gaining more control over their futures in an increasingly multilingual and interdependent world.

Department of History

Department of History focuses on Chinese history and Western history and other research areas such as the science of history, history research methods, history of thoughts, history of area, social history, history of professions, etc. Recently, many courses related to historical education have been offered based on the development of our school policy. In order to offer student rich courses, additionally, the department invites scholars and academic institutions to give lectures.

Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy has broad aspects, focuses both on Chinese and Western philosophies, and integration of Asian and Western humanistic spirits.

Department of Japanese Language and Culture

Department of Japanese Language and Culture emphasizes basic language practice, and offers students business courses based on the social needs. The department also plans to have an interaction with Japan universities, and expects students to study further or have good performance in their career.

The English Language Center

The goals of the Center are to oversee the planning and development of university-wide English teaching at Tunghai and to enhance the English proficiency and global perspective of the students, faculty, and staff of the university.